BUGZ Bibliography of New Zealand Terrestrial Invertebrates - Online

The BUGZ page provides a very useful concentrator for much of the literature on New Zealand terrestrial fauna (including freshwater organisms).

Unfortunately there are two problems and a difficulty
1) the site now appears to have become subscription based. This intention was not made clear to me when I gave permission to digitise 'The Dragonflies of New Zealand'. I presume this was an administrative decision - perhaps based on 'cost recovery' policies ... In consequence I have endeavoured to change links to free sources.
2) the search facilities are a little obscure (despite the persistent boxes at the top of the search facility you are restricted to searching one field at a time).
3) recovered documents are linked dynamically so you can't save a search result between sessions.

Go to the BUGZ site and search on author or date. 'view results' to select the required reference from the drop down list, and then select the format you wish it delivered in (by page or generate and download a pdf of the entire document - you may need to generate the pdf file ... the '?' alongside the 'pdf' explains how to do this)