Dragonflies and Damselflies: References

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Reference Link. Citation Primary biogeographic zone Disciplinary domains URL Usage
Pinhey 1961f. Pinhey, E. C. G. (1961) Dragonflies collected on an expedition from Rhodesia to Nigeria in 1958. Part 1. Entomologists Monthly Magazine 96(1960): 256-271, figs. 1-5. Afrotropical Taxonomy Distribution no url Check use

Key words
Onychogomphus kitchingmani, Paragomphus zambeziensis, Tragogomphus mamfei, Malgassophlebia bispina nigeriae, Neodythemis gorillae, Orthetrum rhodesiae, Trithemis aenea, T. grouti, Zygonyx ikomae