Dragonflies and Damselflies: References

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Verschuren 1989a. Verschuren, D. (1989) Revision of the larvae of West-Palaearctic Cordulegaster Leach, 1815 (Odonata, Cordulegastridae), with a key to the considered taxa and a discussion on their affinity. Bull. Annls Soc. r. belge Ent. 125: 5-35. West Palearctic Taxonomy Development Distribution no url Check use

Key words

Larval morphology of the 12 West-Palaearctic Cordulegaster taxa is studied, and several new discriminating characters are assessed. Full diagnoses are given for each taxon, three of which had not been described before: C. boltoni immaculifrons, C. boltoni algiricus and C. bidentatus sicilicus. Possible phylogenetic relationships between the considered taxa, as revealed by larval morphology, are discussed. The following conclusions are reached: 1. The division of West-Palaearctic Cordulegaster in two species-groups is justified. The C. bobottonigroupomprises C. boltoni s. 1., C. princeps, C. pictus and C. heros. The C. bidentatus-group comprises C. bidentatus, C. mzymtae and C. insignis. 2. Interspecific differences within the C. boltoni-group urge the definition of two subgroups. C. boltoni s. 1. and C. princeps constitute the first subgroup, referred to as the subgroup of western taxa. C. pictus and C. heros constitute the subgroup of eastern taxa. 3. The taxon trinacriae is either a separate species or a subspecies of C. boltoni, but not a subspecies of C. pictus as previously has been suggested. A concise key to final instar larvae of West-Palaearctic Cordulegaster species and subspecies is provided.