Dragonflies and Damselflies: References

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Reference Link. Citation Primary biogeographic zone Disciplinary domains URL Usage
Tillyard 1911a. Tillyard, R. J. (1911) Further notes on some rare Australian Corduliinae, with descriptions of new species, Proceedings Linnean Society New South Wales 36 (2): 366-387, incl. pl. 10-10. Australasian Taxonomy Behaviour Development Ecology Conservation Distribution General_biology Link Check use

Key words
Eucordulina, Idocordulina, Hemicordulia, intermedia, continentalis, superba, Procordulia, jacksoniensis, affinis, Hesperocordulia, berthoudi, Lathrocordulia, metallica, Macromia, viridescens

incl. trout predation. relationships within Corduliidae