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Gassmann 2005a. Gassmann, D (2005) The Phylogeny of Southeast Asian and Indo-Pacific Calicnemiinae (Odonata: Platycnemididae). Bonner zoologische Beiträge, 53: 37–80. Australasian
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Key words
Taxonomy, biogeography, morphology, Southeast Asia, phylogeny, cladistic analysis, Rhyacocnemis leonorae comb. nov.

Phylogenetic relationships of Southeast Asian and Indo-Pacific damselflies of the subfamily Calicnemiinae (Odonata: Platycnemididae) are examined by cladistic analyses using morphological characters. The strict consensus cladogram of the resulting equally most parsimonious trees supports the monophyly of the Papuan genus Idiocnemis Selys, the Philippine genus Risiocnemis Cowley and its subgenera, but leaves the basal relationships of the African genera and the Palawan genus Asthenocnemis Lieftinck partly unresolved. A preferred phylogenetic hypothesis is presented showing a well supported 'Indo-Pacific clade' consisting of Philippine, New Guinean and Solomon island taxa, and as sister group Asthenocnemis. Risiocnemis turns out to be a sister group of Lieftinckia/Salomocnemis (Solomon Islands), the sister taxon of those being the central New Guinean Arrhenocnemis Lieftinck. Together, these form a monophyletic group with the remaining Papuan taxa. Idiocnemis leonorae Lieftinck is transferred to Rhyacocnemis Lieftinck comb. nov. The possible effects of taxon sampling are discussed.