Dragonflies and Damselflies: References

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Gassmann 2002a. Gassmann, D. , & M. Hämäläinen (2002) A revision of the Philippine subgenus Risiocnemis (Igneocnemis) Hämäläinen (Odonata: Platycnemididae). Tijdschrift Entomologie 145 (2): 213-266, figs. 1-140, tab. 1-3. Oriental Taxonomy Distribution Link Check use

Key words
Platycnemididae; Calicnemiinae; Igneocnemis Hämäläinen; new species; Philippines.

The subgenus Igneocnemis Hämäläinen, 1991 of the Philippine damselfly genus Risiocnemis Cowley, 1934, is revised. Descriptions and diagnoses of both sex of all 15 previously recognized species are provided, and five new taxa are described: R. antoniae sp. n. and R. rubricercus sp. n. from northeastern Mindanao, R. pistor sp. n. from southeastern Mindanao, and R. kaiseri sp. n. and R. nigra sp. n. from Samar. The females of 11 species are described for the first time. Keys to males and females are provided. Based on extensive new collections from across the Philippine archipelago, the distribution of all species is mapped. Characters of the male ligula and appendages and the female prothorax were studied by scanning electron microscopy.