Dragonflies and Damselflies: References

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Fleck 2012a. Fleck, G., U.G Neiss, and N. Hamada. (2012) The larva of Dicterias Selys, 1853 (Odonata: Heliocharitidae [= Dicteriadidae]), and taxonomic and phylogenetic notes on Heliocharitidae. Zootaxa 3164: 32–40. Neotropical Taxonomy Ecology Distribution Link Check use

Key words
Heliocharis, Allopodagrion, Megapodagrion, Teinopodagrion, larva, damselfly, taxonomy, phylogeny, Brazil

The larva of Dicterias Selys, 1853, a monotypic genus, is described and illustrated for the first time. It is morphologically very close to the larva of Heliocharis Selys, 1853. The larvae of these two genera are compared, and a larval diagnosis for the family is provided. The family Heliocharitidae (= Dicteriadidae) shares derived characters with some Calopterygoidea and is probably related to Calopterygidae. The larvae of Heliocharitidae are also amazingly similar to those of some Megapodagrionidae, and long-legged Megapodragrionidae related to Megapodagrion could be related to the family Heliocharitidae and could represent a basal stem within the Calopterygoidea