Dragonflies and Damselflies: References

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Reference Link. Citation Primary biogeographic zone Disciplinary domains URL Usage
Bartenef 1930f. Bartenef, A. N. (1930) likely in error, see 'abstract' Zoologischer Anzeiger 89 (7/10): 229-245, figs. 1-5.     no url Check use

Key words

This reference appears wrong. I can't find it in searches of the literature. Belyshev 1973(Dragonflies of Siberia 1(2): 421) cites Bartenef 1930a, which (op. cit. 2(3): 334) is 'Investigations biological classification dragonflies European' Zool. zh (=jahr?) X(4) ... which in Bridges is given as: Versuch einer biologischen Gruppierung der Odonaten des europaischen Teiles der Sowietunion. Russk. zool. Zh. 10(4):57-131.