Species in the genus Pinheyagrion

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The genus Pinheyagrion ( 1 species)
May 2002
Very small, male abdominal segments 3–6 largely dark dorsally. Pale thoracic colour mostly blue or greenish in males, sometimes orange brown in females, black humeral stripe never divided longitudinally, sometimes reduced to hairline in (immature?) female. Pterostigmata of male bright pink, those of female brown, vein Ac at or distal to midway between antenodal crossveins. Abdominal segment 10 of male without posterodorsal protuberance. Male paraprocts distinctly bifid in lateral view, the inferior branch much longer than superior; cerci with 2 branches fused for about half their length, no middle lobe, the superior branch ending in an acute, spinelike, but not hooked, tip directed posterodorsally, the inferior asymmetrically rounded distally, somewhat dorsoventrally flattened and inclined slightly upward laterally, the ventral surface covered with padlike cuticle (probably somewhat flexible), scalariform cuticle absent. Penis with small, quadrate earlike distolateral lobes, distinct lateral lobes absent, with prominent bifurcated spine on each side just proximal to distal flexure. Male mesostigmal plates with very prominent posteromedial lappets; female plates without wide anteromedial trough and flange, posterior margin of pronotum undulate, middle lobe of pronotum never with well defined pits. Ovipositor valves long. (May 2002 erecting genus)
Type species:
Enallagma angolicum Pinhey 1966 by original designation
(Pinhey, 1966)