Species in the genus Azuragrion

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The genus Azuragrion ( 5 species)
May 2002
Very small to large (A. granti), male abdominal segments 3–6 largely dark dorsally except largely blue in somalicum. Pale thoracic colour mostly blue in males, pale bluish green to brown in females, black humeral stripe never divided longitudinally, sometimes reduced to hairline in female. Pterostigmata grey to brown, vein Ac usually basal to midway between antenodal crossveins, sometimes at or distal to this point in A. somalicum and A. granti, especially in forewing. Abdominal segment 10 of male without posterodorsal protuberance. Male paraprocts not distinctly bifid but with a low ventral protrusion as well as an elongate dorsal process visible in lateral view; cerci with superior sclerotized arm with acute terminal or subterminal medial hook, middle lobe of about same length consisting of pale, flexible cuticle, inferior sclerotized arm from as long as to about twice as long as superior arm, scalariform cuticle absent. Penis with small to large quadrate or triangular earlike distolateral lobes, distinct lateral lobes usually absent (present in A. nigridorsum), spines or projections not present just proximal to distal flexure. Male mesostigmal plates with very low, vestigial posteromedial lappets; female plates without wide anteromedial trough and flange (sometimes with deep transverse trough and elevated anterior margin), posterior margin of pronotum with distinct median prominence, middle lobe of pronotum never with well defined pits. Ovipositor valves of short or medium length. (May 2002 erecting genus)
Type species:
Enallagma nigridorsum Selys, 1876 by original designation
(Pinhey, 1971)
(McLachlan, 1904)
(Sjöstedt, 1917)
(Selys, 1876)
(Longfield, 1931)