Genera in the family THAUMATONEURIDAE

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The family THAUMATONEURIDAE ( 2 genera)
Tillyard & Fraser 1938?, Fraser 1957
Characters of the genus (and hence subfamily of Fraser 1957) are: Recession of IRiii and Riv absent but probably only relatively so as the nodus is situated remarkably close to the wing-base and so carries the two veins with it to approximate them to the arculus; additional antenodals present (two in the costal space distal to the primaries); postnodals not coinciding; subdiscoidal cell traversed by a vein; a great increase of cross-veining and intercalaries; lastly a very great development of the anal vein, comparable to what is found in Devadatta of the Amphipterygidae. Larva with Amphypterygine characters, with saccoid caudal gills and Gomphine-like labial mask unfurnished with setae.
Type species:
Thaumatoneura inopinata McLachlan 1897
Fraser erected Thaumatoneurinae as a subfamily of Pseudolestidae
Fraser 1957 viewed Thaumatoneura as an annectant genus linking Megapodagrionidae and Amphipterygidae.
Dijkstra et al. 2013b add Paraphlebia to Thaumatoneuridae.
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Paraphlebia4Hagen 1861Hagen 1861a.argument (Garrison in Bridges) that this is nomen nudum and the genus should be ascribed to Selys 1862. Garrison et al 2010 ascribe to Selys in Hagen 1861.
Thaumatoneura1McLachlan 1897McLachlan 1897b.