Genera in the family SYNTHEMISTIDAE

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The family SYNTHEMISTIDAE ( 7 genera)
Tillyard 1917
Type species:
Synthemis claviculata Tillyard 1909 (this is the figured species)
orig as Synthemini (Tillyard 1917), Syntheminae (Tillyard 1926), Synthemidae (e.g. Fraser 1957, 1960), emended to Synthemistinae by Lieftinck 1971 following an argument of Cowley 1942 on putative Greek construction, since then Synthemistinae (Houston & Watson 1988, Watson et al 1991), Synthemistidae (essentially recognising the decision of Fraser 1957).
Originally erected for a number of graceful, superficially corduliid-like forms (viz Choristhemis, Eusynthemis, Synthemiopsis, Synthemis plus Archaeosynthemis, Austrosynthemis, Palaeosynthemis, Parasynthemis, Tonyosynthemis). Wing venation with cross veins in median space; larvae with strong, platform-like frons, wingpads strongly diverging. Essentially Austro-papuan group with some penetration into the Indonesian archipelago (Molluccas) and into the Pacific (to Fiji). More recently a large number of other genera (Apocordulia, Archaeophya, Austrocordulia, Austrophya, Cordulephya, Gomphomacromia, Hesperocordulia, Idionyx, Idomacromia, Lathrocordulia, Lauromacromia, Libellulosoma, Macromidia, Micromidia, Navicordulia, Neocordulia, Neophya, Nesocordulia, Oxygastra, Pseudocordulia, Syncordulia) have been added on the basis of molecular data. This is discussed at length in Dijkstra et al. 2013a who argue on the basis that synapomorphies are not clearcut that it is more appropriate to tag the additional genera as Libelluloidea incertae sedis.
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Austrosynthemis1Carle 1995Carle 1995a.splitting Synthemis ...other genera (Archaeosynthemis, Calesynthemis, Parasynthemis) not generally accepted
Choristhemis2Tillyard 1910Tillyard 1910e. 
Eusynthemis14Förster 1903Forster 1903b. 
Palaeosynthemis8Förster 1903Forster 1903b.Species traditionally in Synthemis
Synthemiopsis1Tillyard 1917Tillyard 1917b. 
Synthemis16Selys, 1870Selys 1870b. 
Tonyosynthemis1Theischinger 1998Theischinger 1998c.