Genera in the family SYNLESTIDAE

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The family SYNLESTIDAE ( 9 genera)
Tillyard 1917
CuP arched upward after leaving the distal angle of the discoidal cell. Except in Chorismagrion (where basal side of forewing discoidal cell absent) both wings with discoidal cell closed basally. Distal angle of discoidal cell not extending to wing margin; IR3 and R4+5 arising nearer to subnodus than to arculus. (T & F 1938) Includes Chorismagrioninae (= Chorismagrion) (Tillyard & Fraser 1938) and Megalestinae (= Megalestes & Orolestes)(Tillyard & Fraser 1938).
Type species:
Synlestes weyersi Selys 1869
Fraser (1957) called this family Chlorolestidae, ignoring Tillyard 1917. This has been a source of confusion.
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Chlorolestes8Selys 1862Selys 1862c. 
Chorismagrion1Morton 1914Morton 1914a. 
Ecchlorolestes2Barnard 1937Barnard 1937a. 
Episynlestes3Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a. 
Megalestes16Selys 1862Selys 1862c. 
Nubiolestes1Fraser 1945Fraser 1945e.replacement name for Eolestes Fraser 1944 preocc. Eolestes Cockerell 1940 Odonata
Phylolestes1Christiansen 1947Christiansen 1947a. 
Sinolestes2Needham 1940Needham 1930a. 
Synlestes3Selys 1869Selys 1869b.