Genera in the family PHILOGANGIDAE

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The family PHILOGANGIDAE ( 1 genera)
Kennedy 1920
Type species:
Anisoneura montana Hagen 1859
This taxon has a complex recent history. It is now recognised as a monogeneric family, sister to Polythoridae. Previously it was long placed in Amphipterygidae then (1970s on) it shifted about when the polyphyly of 'Amphipterygidae' was recognised. This family level name should be cited as Philoganginae Kennedy, 1920 (non Philogangidae Kennedy, 1925).
It has also been placed in the variously defined Diphlebiidae Heymer, 1975; Diphlebiidae Davies & Tobin, 1984 (jun. obj. syn. and homonym of Heymer's name); Diphlebiidae Novelo-Gutierrez, 1995 (and replaced by Lestoideidae Munz 1919 (van Tol 1995 )).
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Philoganga4Kirby 1890Kirby 1890a.replacement name for Anisoneura Selys, 1859 preocc. Anisoneura Guenée, 1852 NOCTUIDAE Lepidoptera