Genera in the family MEGAPODAGRIONIDAE

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The family MEGAPODAGRIONIDAE ( 3 genera)
Tillyard 1917
Type species:
Formerly a problematic family, a paraphyletic grab-bag 'linked' by symplesiomorphic characters, clarified in Dijkstra et al 2013b. Kalkman et al discuss the distribution of larval gill characters within the 'family' and consider possible monophyletic subgroups.
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Allopodagrion3Förster 1910Forster 1910a. 
Megapodagrion1Selys 1885Selys 1885a.replacement name for Podagrion Selys 1862 preocc. Podagrion Spinola, 1811 Hymenoptera
Teinopodagrion25De Marmels 2001De Marmels 2001a.