Genera in the family LIBELLULIDAE

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The family LIBELLULIDAE ( 139 genera)
Rambur 1842
Type species:
Libellula depressa Linnaeus 1758 by subsequent designation Latreille, 1810.
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Acisoma2Rambur 1842Rambur 1842a. 
Aethiothemis9Martin 1908Martin 1908b. 
Aethriamanta5Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Agrionoptera13Brauer 1864Brauer 1864a. 
Amphithemis3Selys 1891Selys 1891c. 
Anatya2Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Anectothemis1Fraser 1954Fraser 1954c. 
Antidythemis2Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Archaeophlebia1Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Argyrothemis1Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Atoconeura5Karsch 1899Karsch 1899b. 
Atratothemis1Wilson 2005Wilson 2005a. 
Austrothemis1Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Bironides4Förster 1903Forster 1903b. 
Boninthemis1Asahina 1952Asahina 1952a.Lieftinck 1962 Insects Micronesia regards this as a junior synonym of Lyriothemis Brauer 1868
Brachydiplax7Brauer 1868Brauer 1868a. 
Brachygonia3Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Brachymesia3Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Brachythemis6Brauer 1868Brauer 1868b. 
Bradinopyga3Kirby 1893Kirby 1893a. 
Brechmorhoga15Kirby 1894Kirby 1894b. 
Calophlebia2Selys 1896Selys 1896a. 
Camacinia3Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Cannaphila3Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Celebophlebia2Lieftinck 1936Lieftinck 1936b. 
Celebothemis1Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Celithemis8Hagen 1861Hagen 1861a. 
Chalcostephia1Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Chalybeothemis1Lieftinck 1933Lieftinck 1933f. 
Congothemis1Fraser 1953Fraser 1953e. 
Cratilla2Kirby 1900Kirby 1900c. 
Crocothemis10Brauer 1868Brauer 1868b. 
Cyanothemis1Ris 1915Ris 1915e. 
Dasythemis4Karsch 1889Karsch 1889d. 
Deielia1Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Diastatops8Rambur 1842Rambur 1842a. 
Diplacina24Brauer 1868Brauer 1868a. 
Diplacodes11Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Dythemis7Hagen 1861Hagen 1861a. 
Edonis1Needham 1905Needham 1905b. 
Elasmothemis6Westfall. 1988Westfall 1988a. 
Eleuthemis2Ris 1910Ris 1910b.replacement name for Eleutho Ris 1909 (preocc Eleutho Thomson, 1864 Coleoptera, itself a junior synonym of Eburia)
Elga2Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Epithemis1Laidlaw 1955Laidlaw 1955a. 
Erythemis10Hagen 1861Hagen 1861a.Status of Erythemis, Lepthemis under review ICZN case 3584. Rácenis (1958) as first reviser synonymized Erythemis with Lepthemis (Lepthemis senior synonym). Case to retain Erythemis for stability. Mesothemis Hagen (1861) synonymized with Erythemis by Calvert 1906.
Erythrodiplax57Brauer 1868Brauer 1868b. 
Fylgia1Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Gynothemis5Calvert 1909Calvert 1909b. 
Hadrothemis7Karsch 1891Karsch 1891f. 
Hemistigma2Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Huonia15Förster 1903Forster 1903b. 
Hydrobasileus3Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Hylaeothemis5Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Hypothemis1Karsch 1889Karsch 1889d. 
Idiataphe4Cowley 1934Cowley 1934f. 
Indothemis2Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Lanthanusa5Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Lathrecista1Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Leucorrhinia15Brittinger 1850Brittinger 1850a. 
Libellula35Linnaeus 1758Linnaeus 1758a. 
Lokia7Ris 1919Ris 1919a.replacement name for Apatelia Karsch 1893 (preocc. Apatelia Wallengren 1886 Trichoptera)
Lyriothemis14Brauer 1868Brauer 1868a. 
Macrodiplax2Brauer 1868Brauer 1868b. 
Macrothemis38Hagen 1868Hagen 1868b. 
Malgassophlebia5Fraser 1956Fraser 1956a. 
Miathyria2Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Micrathyria46Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a.Genus in need of revision (Garrison et al 2006)
Micromacromia4Karsch 1890Karsch 1890d. 
Microtrigonia3Förster 1903Forster 1903b. 
Misagria4Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Nannodiplax1Brauer 1868Brauer 1868b. 
Nannophlebia23Selys 1878Selys 1878h. 
Nannophya5Rambur 1842Rambur 1842a. 
Nannophyopsis2Lieftinck 1935Lieftinck 1935b. 
Nannothemis1Brauer 1868Brauer 1868b. 
Neodythemis12Karsch 1889Karsch 1889d. 
Nephepeltia6Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Nesciothemis5Longfield 1955Longfield 1955a. 
Nesogonia1Kirby 1898Kirby 1898a.congeneric with Sympetrum? - Kennedy, 1929, vs cytotaxonomic markers Kiauta 1969
Nesoxenia3Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Neurothemis14Brauer 1867Brauer 1867b.replacement name for Polyneura Rambur, 1842, preoccupied Polyneura Westwood 1840 in Hemiptera
Nothodiplax1Belle 1984Belle 1984b. 
Notiothemis2Ris 1919Ris 1919a. 
Notolibellula1Theischinger & Watson 1978Theischinger 1978a. 
Oligoclada22Karsch 1890Karsch 1890d. 
Olpogastra4Karsch, 1895Karsch 1895a. 
Onychothemis5Brauer 1868Brauer 1868a. 
Orchithemis3Brauer 1878Brauer 1878a. 
Orthemis16Hagen 1861Hagen 1861a. 
Orthetrum63Newman 1833Newman 1833b. 
Oxythemis1Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Pachydiplax1Brauer 1868Brauer 1868b. 
Pacificothemis1Asahina 1940Asahina 1940b. 
Palaeothemis1Fraser 1923Fraser 1923c. 
Palpopleura8Rambur 1842Rambur 1842a. 
Paltothemis3Karsch 1890Karsch 1890d. 
Pantala2Hagen 1861Hagen 1861a. 
Parazyxomma1Pinhey 1961Pinhey 1961a. 
Perithemis14Hagen 1861Hagen 1861a. 
Philonomon1Förster 1906Forster 1906c. 
Phyllothemis2Fraser 1935Fraser 1935c. 
Planiplax5Muttkowski 1910Muttkowski 1910a.replacement name for Platyplax Karsch, 1891 preoccupied Platyplax Fieber, 1860 in Heteroptera
Pornothemis2Krüger 1902Kruger 1902a. 
Porpacithemis2Fraser 1954Fraser 1954c. 
Porpax5Karsch 1896Karsch 1896a. 
Potamarcha2Karsch 1890Karsch 1890d. 
Protorthemis4Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Pseudagrionoptera1Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Pseudoleon1Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Pseudothemis2Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Pseudotramea1Fraser 1920Fraser 1920c. 
Raphismia2Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Rhodopygia5Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Rhodothemis4Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Rhyothemis23Hagen 1867Hagen 1867c. 
Risiophlebia2Cowley 1934Cowley 1934c.replacement name for Oda Ris, 1909 (preocc Oda Chaster 1901 in Mollusca)
Scapanea2Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Selysiothemis1Ris 1897Ris 1897a. 
Sleuthemis1Fraser 1951Fraser 1951c. 
Sympetrum66Newman 1833Newman 1833b. 
Tapeinothemis1Lieftinck 1950Lieftinck 1950a. 
Tauriphila5Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Tetrathemis15Brauer 1868Brauer 1868a. 
Thalassothemis1Ris 1909Ris 1909a. 
Thermochoria3Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Thermorthemis2Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Tholymis5Hagen 1867Hagen 1867c. 
Tramea23Hagen 1861Hagen 1861a.The senior objective synonym Trapezostigma Hagen 1849 was suppressed by decision 2158 of the ICZN (2006).
Trithemis43Brauer 1868Brauer 1868a. 
Tyriobapta3Kirby 1889Kirby 1889a. 
Uracis7Rambur, 1842Rambur 1842a. 
Urothemis8Brauer 1868Brauer 1868a. 
Viridithemis1Fraser 1960Fraser 1960b. 
Ypirangathemis1Santos 1945Santos 1945a. 
Zenithoptera4Selys 1877Selys 1877d. 
Zygonychidium1Lindley 1970Lindley 1970a. 
Zygonyx21Hagen 1867Hagen 1867b. 
Zyxomma4Rambur 1842Rambur 1842a. 
Zyxommoides1Martin 1921Martin 1921b.