Genera in the family LESTOIDEIDAE

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The family LESTOIDEIDAE ( 2 genera)
Munz 1919
Type species:
Lestoidea conjuncta Tillyard 1913 by monotypy
cf Lestoideidae Davies & Tobin 1984. Not to be confused with Lestoideidae van Tol 1995, incorporating Diphlebia and Philoganga. Houston & Watson 1988 express doubts about the (over?) interpretation of the 'mixed' characters exhibited by Lestoidea. Fraser's 1956 description of the larva failed to recognise the nodate caudal gills.
Tillyard 1913 proposed legion Lestoidea for his new genus Lestoidea. Munz erected the subfamily Lestoidinae for the form, which van Tol 1995 recognised as the earliest family level name for a group incorporating Lestoidea/Diphlebia/Philoganga (cf Novelo-GutiƩrrez' (1995) 'Diphlebiidae'). Name emended to avoid confusion with higher taxonomic categories based on Lestes.
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Diphlebia5Selys 1869Selys 1869f.Replacement name for Dineura Selys 1859 - preocc. Dineura Dahlbom, 1835 TENTHREDINIDAE Hymenoptera
Historically placed in Amphipterygidae, laterly in Philogangidae. Currently recognised as sister group to Lestoidea in a deep Australian radiation (Lestoideidae).
Lestoidea4Tillyard 1913Tillyard 1913a.Endemic Australian genus; larvae with nodate, saccoid caudal gills.