Genera in the family ISOSTICTIDAE

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The family ISOSTICTIDAE ( 12 genera)
Fraser 1955
Type species:
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Austrosticta3Tillyard 1908Tillyard 1908a. 
Cnemisticta2Donnelly 1993Donnelly 1993a. 
Eurysticta4Watson 1969Watson 1969a. 
Isosticta5Selys 1885Selys 1885a. 
Labidiosticta1Watson 1991Watson 1991b. 
Lithosticta1Watson 1991Watson 1991b. 
Neosticta3Tillyard 1913Tillyard 1913a.Senior synonym of Amphisticta Sjosted 1917, decision of Fraser 1960.
Oristicta1Tillyard 1913Tillyard 1913a.Phasmosticta Lieftinck 1951 is a junior synonym decision of Watson in Watson et al 1991
Rhadinosticta3Watson 1991Watson 1991b.Australian genus erected for species previously referred to Isosticta Selys
Selysioneura16Förster 1900Forster 1900b. 
Tanymecosticta6Lieftinck 1935Lieftinck 1935a.replacement name for Stenosticta Lieftinck 1932 preocc. Stenosticta Hampson 1912 Lepidoptera
Titanosticta1Donnelly 1993Donnelly 1993a.