Genera in the family GOMPHIDAE

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The family GOMPHIDAE ( 91 genera)
Rambur, 1842
Adult: eyes widely separated on top of head (~1/3 of diameter), males lack spatulate cerci (cf Petaluridae), females lack ovipositor (cf Petaluridae). Larval fore tarsi with 2 articles, larval antennae 4-segmented, segment 3 large, spatulate, segment 4 (very) small.
Type species:
Libellula vulgatissimus Linnaeus 1758 by monotypy
Gomphidae has had about 30 internal families/subfamilies proposed and numerous synonymised genera.
Appropriate taxonomical level of well-delineated infra-familial groupings debated.
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Acrogomphus6Laidlaw 1925Laidlaw 1925a. 
Agriogomphus4Selys 1869Selys 1869e. 
Amphigomphus3Chao 1954Chao 1954a. 
Anisogomphus19Selys 1858Selys 1858a. 
Anomalophlebia1Belle 1995Belle 1995a. 
Anormogomphus3Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Antipodogomphus6Fraser 1951Fraser 1951i. 
Aphylla24Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Archaeogomphus7Williamson 1919Williamson 1919c. 
Arigomphus7Needham 1897Needham 1897b.replacement name for Orcus Needham 1897 preocc. Orcus Mulsant, 1850 in Coleoptera
Armagomphus1Carle 1986Carle 1986a. 
Asiagomphus7Asahina 1985Asahina 1985a. 
Austrogomphus20Selys 1854Selys 1854a.contains Austroepigomphus Fraser, 1951
Brasiliogomphus1Belle 1995Belle 1995a. 
Burmagomphus24Williamson 1907Williamson 1907b.Requires action by the ICZN to regularize the situation (and maintain stability). Williamson's original type species was an animal he mis-identified as Gomphus vermicularis Martin, 1904.
Cacoides1Cowley 1934Cowley 1934c.replacement name for Cacus Selys, 1854 preoccupied Cacus Gistl (1848) in Coleoptera
Ceratogomphus2Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Cornigomphus1Martin 1907Martin 1907c. 
Crenigomphus6Selys 1892Selys 1892b. 
Cyanogomphus7Selys 1873Selys 1873c. 
Cyclogomphus5Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Davidioides1Fraser 1924Fraser 1924c. 
Davidius21Selys 1878Selys 1878b. 
Desmogomphus2Williamson 1920Williamson 1920b. 
Diaphlebia2Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Diastatomma7Burmeister 1839Burmeister 1839a. 
Dromogomphus3Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Dubitogomphus1Fraser 1940Fraser 1940k. 
Eogomphus1Needham 1941Needham 1941d. 
Epigomphus28Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Erpetogomphus22Selys 1858 (see ref, book appeared 1857)Selys 1858a. 
Fukienogomphus3Chao 1954Chao 1954a. 
Gastrogomphus1Needham 1941Needham 1941d. 
Gomphidia23Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Gomphidictinus1Fraser 1942Fraser 1942a. 
Gomphoides3Selys 1854Selys 1854a.not Gomphoides Selys 1850 ...[needs decision of ICZN]
Gomphurus13Needham 1901Needham 1901c. 
Gomphus51Leach 1815Leach 1815b. 
Hagenius1Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Heliogomphus21Laidlaw 1922Laidlaw 1922a. 
Hemigomphus7Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Ictinogomphus18Cowley 1934Cowley 1934e.replacement name for Ictinus Rambur (preocc. Laporte, 1834 in Coleoptera)
Idiogomphoides3Belle 1984Belle 1984e. 
Isomma2Selys 1892Selys 1892b. 
Labrogomphus1Needham 1931Needham 1931a. 
Lamelligomphus8Fraser 1922Fraser 1922b. 
Lanthus3Needham 1897Needham 1897b. 
Leptogomphus20Selys 1878Selys 1878c. 
Lestinogomphus5Martin 1912Martin 1912b. 
Lindenia2HaanHaan 1826a. 
Macrogomphus17Selys 1858Selys 1858a. 
Malgassogomphus1Cammaerts 1987Cammaerts 1987a. 
Megalogomphus11Campion 1923Campion 1923e.replacement name for Heterogomphus Selys, 1854 (preocc. Heterogomphus Burmeister, 1847 in Coleoptera)
Melanocacus2Belle 1986Belle 1986b. 
Melligomphus2Chao 1990Chao 1990a. 
Merogomphus11Martin 1904Martin 1904a. 
Microgomphus15Selys 1858Selys 1858a. 
Mitragomphus1Needham 1944Needham 1944a. 
Neogomphus4Selys 1858Selys 1858a. 
Nepogomphoides1Fraser 1934Fraser 1934c. 
Neurogomphus18Karsch 1890Karsch 1890a. 
Nihonogomphus19Oguma 1926Oguma 1926a. 
Notogomphus19Hagen 1858 in Selys 1858Selys 1858a. 
Octogomphus1Selys 1873Selys 1873c. 
Odontogomphus2Watson 1991Watson 1991a. 
Onychogomphus60Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Ophiogomphus28Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Orientogomphus3Chao & Xu 1987Chao 1987a. 
Paragomphus45Cowley 1934Cowley 1934c.replacement name for Mesogomphus Förster, 1906 (preocc. Mesogomphus Morris & Roberts 1862 in Pisces) (and cf Mesogomphus Handlirsch 1906 in Odonata)
Perigomphus1Belle 1972Belle 1972c. 
Perissogomphus1Laidlaw 1922Laidlaw 1922a. 
Peruviogomphus3Klots 1944Klots 1944c. 
Phaenandrogomphus6Lieftinck 1964Lieftinck 1964c. 
Phyllocycla31Calvert 1948Calvert 1948b.replacement name for Cyclophylla Selys, 1854 (preocc. Cyclophylla Brandt,1837 in Cnidaria)
Phyllogomphoides46Belle 1970Belle 1970a. 
Phyllogomphus10Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Platygomphus2Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Praeviogomphus1Belle 1995Belle 1995a. 
Progomphus67Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Scalmogomphus3Chao 1990Chao 1990a. 
Shaogomphus3Chao 1984Chao 1984a. 
Sieboldius8Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Sinictinogomphus1Fraser 1939Fraser 1939f. 
Sinogomphus12May 1935May 1935b. 
Stenogomphurus2Carle 1986Carle 1986a. 
Stylogomphus12Fraser 1922Fraser 1922g. 
Stylurus30Needham 1897Needham 1897b. 
Tibiagomphus2Belle 1992Belle 1992a. 
Tragogomphus5Sjösted 1899Sjostedt 1899a. 
Trigomphus12Bartenev 1911Bartenef 1911a. 
Zonophora10Selys 1854Selys 1854a.