Genera in the family EUPHAEIDAE

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The family EUPHAEIDAE ( 12 genera)
Selys 1853
Type species:
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Allophaea2Fraser 1928Fraser 1928c. 
Anisophaea2Fraser 1934Fraser 1934c.replacement for Mesophaea Fraser 1928 preocc. Mesophaea Pascoe, 1869 in Coleoptera
Anisopleura10Selys 1853Selys 1853a. 
Bayadera16Selys 1853Selys 1853a. 
Cryptophaea3Hämäläinen 2003Hamalainen 2003b. 
Cyclophaea1Ris 1930Ris 1930a. 
Dysphaea6Selys 1853Selys 1853a. 
Epallage2Charpentier 1840Charpentier 1840a. 
Euphaea22Selys 1840Selys Pseudophaea Kirby 1890 erected in error as Kirby considered Euphaea Selys and Euphaea Rambur 1842 to be different. Pseudophaea sunk by Cowley 1934
Heterophaea2Cowley 1934Cowley 1934c.replacement name for Paraphaea Martin 1903 (preocc. Paraphaea Bates, 1873 in Coleoptera)
Indophaea3Fraser 1928Fraser 1928c. 
Schmidtiphaea1Asahina 1978Asahina 1978c.