Genera in the family EPIOPHLEBIIDAE

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The family EPIOPHLEBIIDAE ( 1 genera)
Tillyard 1917
Adult: general appearance 'gomphine', eyes separated dorsally by c 1/3 diameter, wings stemmed at base, discoidal cell quadrilateral. Male intromittent organ derived from hamuli posteriores and non-segmented penis with similar origin to anisopterous penis. Male terminalia similar to anisopterous case but with very broad inferior appendage. Rudiments of zygopterous-style paraprocts visible below inferior appendage. Female ovipositor apparatus resembling that in the Anisoptera Aeshnidae. Female head is grasped during copulation. Larva: flattened, of general gomphine/aeshnine appearance. With stridulatory organ on lateral abdominal tergites. Final instar tarsi with three articles, antennae with five articles. Rectal gills of simplex undulate form. Diaphragm not strong enough to permit 'jet-propulsion'.
Type species:
Palaeophlebia superstes Selys 1889
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Epiophlebia3Calvert 1903Calvert 1903f.Replacement name for Palaeophlebia Selys 1889 (Sept) - preocc Palaeophlebia Brauer 1889 (March)