Genera in the family CORDULIIDAE

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The family CORDULIIDAE ( 23 genera)
Selys 1870
Type species:
Libellula aenea Linnaeus 1758
Dijkstra et al (2013a) have removed a number of genera from this Family, placing them in Libelluloidea incertae setis. For the most part these genera were previously in the 'Gomphomacromiinae'.
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Aeschnosoma5Selys 1870Selys 1870c. 
Antipodochlora1Fraser 1939Fraser 1939c.New Zealand monotypic endemic genus. Kimmins (1957) points to similarities with his newly erected Guadalca
Austrophya1Tillyard 1908Tillyard 1909a. 
Cordulia2Leach 1815Leach 1815b. 
Cordulisantosia3Fleck & Costa 2007Fleck 2007a.Replacement for Santosia Costa & Santos 1992 preocc Santosia Stål 1858 in Hemiptera
Dorocordulia2Needham 1901Needham 1901c. 
Epicordulia1Selys 1871Selys 1871e. 
Epitheca2Burmeister 1839Burmeister 1839a. 
Guadalca1Kimmins 1957Kimmins 1957a.monotypic endemic genus from the Solomon Islands. 'This genus appears most closely related to Antipodochlora Fraser (New Zealand)' (Kimmins 1957)
Helocordulia2Needham 1901Needham 1901c. 
Hemicordulia37Selys 1870Selys 1870b. 
Heteronaias1Needham 1937Needham 1937b.Monotypic, endemic Philippine genus
Libellulosoma1Martin 1907Martin 1907a. 
Metaphya3Laidlaw 1912Laidlaw 1912a. 
Navicordulia10Machado & Costa 1995Machado 1995a. 
Neurocordulia7Selys 1871Selys 1871e. 
Paracordulia1Martin 1907Martin 1907a. 
Pentathemis1Karsch 1890Karsch 1890b. 
Procordulia16Martin 1907Martin 1907a. 
Rialla1Navás 1915Navas 1915c. 
Somatochlora44Selys, 1871Selys 1871e.replacement name for Chlorosoma Charpentier, 1839, preocc. Chlorosoma Wagler 1830 in Reptilia
Tetragoneuria10Hagen 1861Hagen 1861a. 
Williamsonia2Davis 1913Davis 1913b.