Genera in the family CORDULEGASTRIDAE

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The family CORDULEGASTRIDAE ( 4 genera)
Tillyard 1917
Differs from Chlorogomphidae in wings always hyaline, in female very large pseudo-ovipositor, secondarily-derived from vulvar scale (generally extending appreciably beyond tip of abdomen), male tibiae without keels.
Type species:
Libellula boltonii Donovan 1807
larvae occur in fine gravel and coarse sand in flowing waters of streams and rivers. Ovipositor used to plunge eggs into coarse sand beds.
variously interpreted as sister group to the Chlorogomphidae (or with Chlorogomphinae interpreted as a subfamily) as a Family including subfamilies Chlorogomphinae and Cordulegasterinae.
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Anotogaster13Selys 1854Selys 1854a. 
Cordulegaster25Leach 1815Leach 1815b. 
Neallogaster6Cowley 1934Cowley 1934c. 
Sinorogomphus1Carle 1995Carle 1995a.