Genera in the family COENAGRIONIDAE

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The family COENAGRIONIDAE ( 107 genera)
Kirby 1890
Adult: two antenodal crossveins; postnodal crossveins usually aligned with crossveins behind them; distal angle of discoidal cell acute; no supplementary intercalated longitudinal veins; CuP and anal vein well developed. Larva: labium flat, short; palps slender; median lobe entire; setae on palps and prementum; epiproct/paraprocts lamellate, held vertically, sub-nodate or entire; tracheae branching at an acute angle. (Houston & Watson 1988)
Type species:
Libellula puella L. 1758
For history see comments under Calopterygidae. Coenagrion and Coenagrionidae were coined by Kirby 1890 after he inverted established usage with respect to the generic name Agrion. Earlier literature (C19, some early C20) may refer to species in Coenagrion as 'Agrion'. The generic name Agrion, and derivatives, have been abandoned as uninformative. Family name frequently rendered 'Coenagriidae' to c 1960 (due to Tillyard).
Dijkstra et al. 2013b have re-evaluated zygopteran phylogeny. They incorporate Pseudostigmatidae (= Anomisma, Bromeliagrion, Mecistogaster, Megaloprepus, Microstigma, Pseudostigma, Coryphagrion) and New World Protoneuridae (= Amazoneura, Drepanoneura, Epipleoneura, Epipotoneura, Forcepsioneura, Idioneura, Junix, Lamproneura, Microneura, Neoneura, Peristicta, Phasmoneura, Protoneura, Psaironeura, Roppaneura) in the Coenagrionidae as well as transferring genera between Platycnemididae and Coenagrionidae to establish monophyletic groups.
Dijkstra et al. 2013b discuss strong structures within this large family.
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Acanthagrion42Selys 1876Selys 1876a. 
Acanthallagma3Williamson and Williamson 1924Williamson 1924b. 
Aciagrion27Selys 1891Selys 1891c. 
Aeolagrion7Williamson 1917Williamson 1917a. 
Africallagma11Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a.resurrected May 2002
Agriocnemis37Selys 1877Selys 1877a. 
Amazoneura3Machado 2004Machado 2004a.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Amorphostigma2Fraser 1925Fraser 1925a.An island apophyletic genus which should be subsumed in Ischnura (Dijkstra et al 2013b)
Amphiagrion2Selys 1876Selys 1876a. 
Amphiallagma1Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a.resurrected May 2002
Amphicnemis28Selys 1863Selys 1863a. 
Andinagrion2Bulla 1973Bulla 1973b. 
Anisagrion4Selys 1876Selys 1876e. 
Anomisma1McLachlan 1877McLachlan 1877a.formerly in PSEUDOSTIGMATIDAE
Antiagrion4Ris 1904Ris 1904a. 
Apanisagrion1Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a. 
Archibasis8Kirby 1890Kirby 1890a.replacement name for Stenobasis Selys, 1877, preocc. Stenobasis Agassiz 1846 in Diptera.
Argia112Rambur, 1842Rambur 1842a. 
Argiagrion1Selys 1876Selys 1876d. 
Argiocnemis3Selys 1877Selys 1877a. 
Austroagrion4Tillyard 1913Tillyard 1913a. 
Austroallagma1Lieftinck, 1953Lieftinck 1953a. 
Austrocnemis3Tillyard 1913Tillyard 1913a. 
Azuragrion5May 2002May 2002a. 
Boninagrion1Asahina 1952Asahina 1952a.synonymised with Ischnura, Lieftinck 1962 Insects of Micronesia. An island apophyletic genus which should be subsumed in Ischnura (Dijkstra et al 2013b)
Bromeliagrion3De Marmels and Garrison 2005De Marmels 2005a.formerly in PSEUDOSTIGMATIDAE
Caliagrion1Tillyard 1913Tillyard 1913a. 
Calvertagrion1St Quentin 1960St Quentin 1960a. 
Cercion6Navás, 1907Navas 1907a. 
Ceriagrion49Selys 1876Selys 1876d. 
Chromagrion1Needham 1903Needham 1903d. 
Chrysobasis2Racenis 1959Racenis 1959b.synonymized with Leptobasis (Garrison & von Ellenreider 2010)
Coenagriocnemis4Fraser 1949Fraser 1949a.p140, page precedence over Coenargiocnemis
Coenagrion38Kirby 1890Kirby 1890a.replacement name for Agrion Leach 1815 ... for discussion see Calopterygidae Calopteryx ... a mess
Coryphagrion1Morton 1924Morton 1924b.formerly in PSEUDOSTIGMATIDAE
Cyanallagma15Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a. 
Diceratobasis2Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a. 
Enacantha1Donnelly & Alayo 1966Donnelly 1966b. 
Enallagma49Charpentier 1840Charpentier 1840a.see May 2002 for a revision of this genus and its allies
Epipleoneura25Williamson 1915Williamson 1915c.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Epipotoneura1Williamson 1915Williamson 1915c.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Erythromma4Charpentier 1840Charpentier 1840a. 
Forcepsioneura6Lencioni 1999Lencioni 1999a.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Helveciagrion3Machado 1980Machado 1980a. 
Hesperagrion1Calvert 1902Calvert 1902g. 
Himalagrion2Fraser 1920Fraser 1920a. 
Homeoura5Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a. 
Hylaeonympha1Rácenis 1968Racenis 1968a. 
Idioneura1Selys 1860Selys 1860b.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Inpabasis3Santos 1961Santos 1961d. 
Ischnura62Charpentier 1840Charpentier 1840a. 
Junix1Rácenis 1968Racenis 1968a.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Lamproneura1De Marmels 2003De Marmels 2003a.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Leptagrion17Selys 1876Selys 1876e. 
Leptobasis8Selys 1877Selys 1877a.includes Chrysobasis Racenis (Garrison & von Ellenreider 2010)
Leptocnemis1Selys 1886Selys 1886b.replacement name for Hemicnemis Selys 1882 preocc. Hemicnemis Müller & Troschel, 1840 Echinodermata (itself junior synonym of Luidia Forbes, 1839). Moved from Platycnemididae to Coenagrionidae Dijkstra et al 2013b
Leucobasis1Rácenis 1959Racenis 1959b. 
Mecistogaster11Rambur 1842Rambur 1842a.formerly in PSEUDOSTIGMATIDAE
Megalagrion24McLachlan 1883McLachlan 1883c. 
Megaloprepus1Rambur 1942Rambur 1842a.formerly in PSEUDOSTIGMATIDAE
Melanesobasis8Donnelly 1984Donnelly 1984a. 
Mesamphiagrion1Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a. 
Mesoleptobasis3Sjöstedt 1918Sjostedt 1918a. 
Metaleptobasis18Calvert 1907Calvert 1907c. 
Microneura1Hagen in Selys 1886Selys 1886b.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Microstigma3Rambur 1842Rambur 1842a.formerly in PSEUDOSTIGMATIDAE
Millotagrion1Fraser 1953Fraser 1953g. 
Minagrion5Santos 1965Santos 1965a. 
Moroagrion1Needham and Gyger 1939Needham 1939b. 
Mortonagrion13Fraser 1920Fraser 1920c. 
Nehalennia6Selys 1850Selys 1850a. 
Neoerythromma2Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a. 
Neoneura26Selys 1860Selys 1860b.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Nesobasis24Selys 1891Selys 1891e. 
Oreagrion4Ris 1913Ris 1913e.Kalkman & Orr (2013) subsume into Ischnura but without comment.
Oreocnemis1Pinhey 1971Pinhey 1971e.Moved from Platycnemididae to Coenagrionidae Dijkstra et al 2013b
Oxyagrion23Selys 1876Selys 1876a. 
Oxyallagma1Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a. 
Pacificagrion2Fraser 1926Fraser 1926a.Probably an island apophyletic genus which should be subsumed in Ischnura (Dijkstra et al 2013b). Work needed.
Papuagrion22Ris 1913Ris 1913e. 
Paracercion6Weekers and Dumont 2004Weekers 2004a. 
Pericnemis2Selys 1863Selys 1863a. 
Peristicta5Hagen in Selys 1860Selys 1860b.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Phasmoneura2Williamson 1916Williamson 1916b.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Pinheyagrion1May 2002May 2002a. 
Plagulibasis1Lieftinck 1949Lieftinck 1949e. 
Proischnura3Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a.resurrected May 2002
Proneura1Selys 1889Selys 1889d.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Protallagma1Kennedy 1920Kennedy 1920a. 
Protoneura20Selys 1857Selys 1857a.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Psaironeura4Williamson 1915Williamson 1915c.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Pseudagrion149Selys 1876Selys 1876d. 
Pseudostigma2Selys 1860Selys 1860a.formerly in PSEUDOSTIGMATIDAE
Pyrrhosoma2Charpentier 1840Charpentier 1840a. 
Rhodischnura1Laidlaw 1919Laidlaw 1919a.An apophyletic genus which should be subsumed in Ischnura (Dijkstra et al 2013b)
Roppaneura1Santos 1966Santos 1966c.Formerly in PROTONEURIDAE
Skiallagma1Förster 1906Forster 1906a. 
Stenagrion2Laidlaw 1915Laidlaw 1915c. 
Teinobasis63Kirby 1890Kirby 1890a.replacement name for Telebasis Selys 1877, junior homonym of Telebasis Selys 1865
Telagrion9Selys 1876Selys 1876e. 
Telebasis42Selys 1865Selys 1865b. 
Thaumatagrion1Lieftinck 1932Lieftinck 1932b.Moved from Platycnemididae to Coenagrionidae Dijkstra et al 2013b
Tigriagrion1Calvert 1909Calvert 1909b. 
Xanthagrion1Selys 1876Selys 1876d. 
Xanthocnemis4Tillyard 1913Tillyard 1913a.New Zealand endemic genus
Xiphiagrion2Selys 1876Selys 1876a. 
Zoniagrion1Kennedy 1917Kennedy 1917f.