Genera in the family AUSTROPETALIIDAE

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The family AUSTROPETALIIDAE ( 4 genera)
Carle & Louton 1994
Type species:
Phyllopetalia patricia Tillyard 1910
Seemingly differs from Neopetaliidae on larval characters. Some opinions (e.g. Trueman 2009) that the libellulid-like larval characters of Neopetaliidae represent convergences. Molecular data aligns Austropetaliidae with Aeshnidae and Neopetaliidae with Libellulidae (Misof et al 2001 but this involves extracting weak signal).
GenusNo of SpeciesAuthorReference linkRemarks
Archipetalia1Tillyard 1917Tillyard 1917b. 
Austropetalia3Tillyard 1916Tillyard 1916a. 
Hypopetalia1McLachlan 1870McLachlan 1870a. 
Phyllopetalia6Selys 1858Selys 1858a.