Dragonflies and Damselflies: References

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Registered uses of reference:
Perkins, R. C. L. (1899) Neuroptera. In: Fauna Hawaiiensis D Sharp. Cambridge University Press. 2 (2): 31-89, incl. pl. 3-5. [Odonata p62-77][Daigle (2000) cited as 2(3): 63-77, but 62 is correct. ]
Genus authorship : 0

Species-level taxonomy : 15
Megalagrion adytum
Megalagrion amaurodytum
Megalagrion calliphya
Megalagrion eudytum
Megalagrion heterogamias
Megalagrion jugorum
Megalagrion kauaiense
Megalagrion koelense
Megalagrion leptodemas
Megalagrion molokaiense
Megalagrion nesiotes
Megalagrion oahuense
Megalagrion oresitrophum
Megalagrion orobates
Megalagrion vagabundum

Subspecies taxonomy : 6
Megalagrion amaurodytum amaurodytum
Megalagrion amaurodytum fallax
Megalagrion amaurodytum peles
Megalagrion amaurodytum waianaeanum
Megalagrion calliphya microdemas
Megalagrion nigrohamatum nigrolineatum

Synonyms : 16
Anax ocellatus (Anax junius)
Anax severus (Anax junius)
Agrion adytum (Megalagrion adytum)
Agrion amaurodytum (Megalagrion amaurodytum)
Agrion eudytum (Megalagrion eudytum)
Agrion heterogamias (Megalagrion heterogamias)
Agrion jugorum (Megalagrion jugorum)
Agrion kauaiense (Megalagrion kauaiense)
Agrion asteliae (Megalagrion koelense)
Agrion leptodemas (Megalagrion leptodemas)
Agrion molokaiense (Megalagrion molokaiense)
Agrion nesiotes (Megalagrion nesiotes)
Agrion oresitrophum (Megalagrion oresitrophum)
Agrion orobates (Megalagrion orobates)
Agrion vagabundum (Megalagrion vagabundum)
Sympetrum blackburni (Nesogonia blackburni)

Descriptions : 0

Keys : 0

Distribution : 0

Conservation : 0

Habitat : 2
Megalagrion koelense
Megalagrion oahuense

Biology : 0