Dragonflies and Damselflies: References

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Harris, M. (1782) An Exposition of English Insects. Including the several Classes of Neuroptera, Hymenoptera et Diptera, or Bees, Flies et Libellulae. Exhibiting on 51 Copper Plates near 500 Figures, accurately drawn, et highly finished in Colours, from Nature. The whole minutely Described, Arranged et Named, according to the Linnean System, with Remarks. The Figures of a great number of Moths, not in the Aurelian collection, formerly published by the same Author, and a Plate with an explanation of Colours, are likewise given in the Work by Moses Harris. White & Robson, London 1-166, excl. pl. 1-50.
Genus authorship : 0

Species-level taxonomy : 1
Calopteryx splendens

Subspecies taxonomy : 1
Calopteryx splendens splendens

Synonyms : 5
Libellula anquis (Aeshna cyanea)
Libellula coluberculus (Aeshna mixta)
Libellula aspis (Brachytron pratense)
Libellula fugax (Libellula fulva)
Libellula minium (Pyrrhosoma nymphula)

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